Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Strange Saternaillia in the ICU

What can one say about spending the holidays in the ICU? Perhaps the best description is that it is like spending the holidays in a foreign country, the customs are strangely similar, and yet in no way the same.

The surreal circumstances were complicated by a maverick doc who decided to give Leo Ursodil a common liver medication, despite the fact that Leo's violently painful reaction to this medication is listed in his chart, and he wears a bracelet warning against administering this drug. The doc figured he knew better. He didn't. So Leo spent Christmas Eve, and the wee hours of Christmas, in indescribable pain.

Because he has a brand of courage I have never encountered in anyone else, he managed to have a pretty good, if unusual, Christmas. Several family members altered their own holiday plans to visit, and Leo recieved an unprecidented number of fabulous gifts; but none so precious as my gift: the boy himself.

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