Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Solstice Gift

Well, I dont even know how to describe the past 24 hours, but all that really matters is that Leo received his new liver last night and is doing better than anyone could have expected! It is truly the best Solstice gift ever!

There is very little the doctors can tell me at this point about the donor, other than they were an exceptionally healthy adult, who was also able to donate a surprisingly large number of other organs (it is rare to have someone be so all around healthy that all of their organs can be used, but this was the case in this instance). I am told that the liver was extraordinarily healthy, far better than they normally ever hope for, and the all night surgery went off without a hitch!

It hurts my heart to think of a vibrant, healthy person's life cut short, it feels like an awesome responsibility, but also a blessing, to carry that vitality forward in my son's life. This one individual saved dozens of lives last night. And tonight I am holding the intention that their family is comforted in knowing that in that one death, so many lives carry on.

Meanwhile, Leo and I have a long road ahead of us, there is always the risk of rejection or other complications, and although the cost of the surgery was covered, our insurance rep has made clear that Keiser will not cover follow up care at Children's (they want us to go with OSHU) That is their prerogative, just as staying with Children's is ours. The incompetent care Leo got while at OSHU on an emergency basis, and the fact that they do testing on animals, are far from the only reasons we will never, ever go there again; but they are reason enough. So there will be further fundraising to do as Leo makes his recovery. I hope to be able to bring Leo home in time for his birthday (March 5th), after which we will make monthly trips to Seattle.

In the mean time, Leo is doing GREAT, and all signs are he will be up and around soon. We could not have made this amazing journey without each and every one of you, thank you all so, so much

Kyr and Leo

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