Monday, December 3, 2007

Leo in ICU

So, we have insurance at long last. I will be worshiping at Shanarama's feet for the rest of my life for this, but really, how bad a thing is that ? ;)
So the basic, direct medical expenses, including the surgery will be covered: YAY!!!
Leo was briefly released to Ronald McDonald House, Saturday evening, but had to come back before the first Hanukkah candle was lit due to an infection in one of his IV lines (yup, he still had 'lines' outta the hospital)
He is on a ventilator, heavily sedated, and hooked up to just about every machine in the ICU. The docs say he is making a good recovery from the infection, and his condition seems to have stabilized. What he really needs is a new liver.

Visitors, laptops, and cell phones are severely restricted in the ICU , so I will be largely out of touch for a bit. I have this crazy dream of being able to at least visit Portland (it is so weird to think about visiting my home) by New Years, but really, theres no way to know. This is proving to be a very effective series of lessons in living in the now.
I am so very grateful to all of you, and in awe of the love and support that have been showered on Leo and I

Kyr & Leo

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