Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Leo's Biscuit Company

Not one to let a little thing like major surgery slow him down,Leo is forging ahead with his plans to launch a dog biscuit company.

Like most kids his age, Leo has tried his hand at selling lemonade, but he quickly lost interest. He isn't passionate about lemons; he is passionate about animals, as am I, which is part of how this pursuit of his has become a family affair.

I previously worked as a veterinary technician and more recently have self employed as and organic baker and caterer, so developing healthy recipes that dogs really like quickly became a family project, and, before his health took a nose dive, we were busily whipping up treats for a small but loyal fallowing.

Leo is no figurehead in this fledgling business, on the contrary, he has a hand in every aspect of the company, from choosing the cookie cutters and packaging to baking the biscuits. All the ingredients are human grade and certified organic.

He tells me that I wouldn't have to return to school if I worked for Leo & Co., and the simple fact is that I cant return to school or work while he is recovering, so look for his taisty treats coming soon, on-line and in stores, and perhaps the kid will be able to keep me in a style to which I would like to become accustomed.

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Raemi said...

Hi to both of you,
Just wanted you to know that the whole family has been following your adventure and recovery. Bella and Tirza really miss Leo and want to see him when he comes back. We all love you and wish you the best. Bella wants to talk chickens with either of you as she is campaigning very hard for us to get some. Are you knitting at all???
Take care of each other,