Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It is a blessing to be
It is a blessing to be here
It is a blessing to be here now
It is a blessing to be here now together

There is a beautiful African man working here at Seattle Children’s who tells me that “Leo” (he pronounces it “lay-o”) is also a name where he comes from, in his language it means “today” or “this day”. Here in the now. So significant in so many ways.

And so, in this season of thanks, we are grateful, Leo and I, for this day; each day. And we are grateful to be here together, cradled in a circle of love that is wider and deeper than we might ever have known if not for this crisis.

Leo and I will be staying in Seattle at least through the end of the month, and just in time there is ‘room at the Inn’ (Ronald McDonald House) Although I find it wildly ironic that he and I would be staying at, well, McDonald’s (or any place associated with it) I am so thankful to have this lovely room with two beds and big windows looking out into the embrace of trees and sky. With luck, Leo will be able to make the shift here over the weekend, in the mean time it is a welcome retreat for me in between proceedures and hanging with Leo.

So, we are here now, and we are not alone, and we are so grateful for all of you.

Kyr & Leo

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